Anti-wrinkle activity through skin profilometry

Regulatory reference: Proprietary method
Claim: Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Reduces signs of aging
Application field: Raw materials and finished products.
Description of the test:

Blue laser skin profilometry: this technique allows you to carry out cosmetological studies of anti-wrinkle products with great reproducibility and accuracy thanks to a sophisticated instrumental and electronic set-up, which allows you to normalize the position of the volunteer and the test area in a millimetric way, an indispensable condition in conducting an anti-aging clinical study for the reduction of facial wrinkles.

This clinical study allows a quantitative experimental evaluation of the anti-wrinkle effect through 2D measurements of wrinkles (Ra, Rz, LR, SPa, SPt, SPTm), and 3D (volume, average and maximum depth of wrinkles), and through quantitative morphological evaluations (mm2 of total surface covered by wrinkles). This allows the anti-wrinkle effect of any product to be assessed in the most appropriate way: immediate tensor effect, filler, firming effects (firming, toning, plumping, etc.)

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