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Ecotoxicity in Cosmetic Products: The Environmental Impact

About this webinar: Ecotoxicity in Cosmetic Products

Are you intrigued by the intersection of cosmetics and environmental impact? Then, dive into the world of “Ecotoxicity in Cosmetic Products: Understanding Environmental Impact” with us! ABiCh Inc offers this free webinar that delves into the significance of ecotoxicity in cosmetics, exploring its effects on the environment and biodiversity.


  • What ecotoxicity means and why it is important in cosmetics
  • The effects of cosmetic products on the environment and biodiversity
  • Methods and approaches to assess and mitigate ecotoxicity in cosmetics
  • The latest trends and best practices in the industry to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic products

In the context of cosmetic products, ingredients or formulations used in cosmetics can adversely affect the environment, including waterways, soil, and wildlife, when released into the environment during production, use, or disposal. These effects may harm aquatic organisms, disrupt ecosystems, and lead to the accumulation of toxic substances in the environment. Therefore, our webinar showcases our extensive knowledge and experience, providing valuable guidance on assessing and mitigating ecotoxicity in cosmetics. Through our commitment to research and innovation, we aim to empower industry professionals and environmental enthusiasts alike in promoting sustainability and environmental protection in the cosmetics sector.

Register today Join our speaker Stephane Pirnay, President of EXPERTOX, as he delves deeper into this topic.

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