Abich Group certificates prove that a management and organizational system in line with national and international reference regulations was created, implemented, and maintained.

Through the adoption of a management and organizational system, Abich wants to set new objectives constantly and work to achieve them by defining work criteria and methods, creating and implementing procedures, work instructions and registration systems in line with the desired objective.

The operational and organizational compliance to the standards is therefore proof that Abich has shaped its work on the basis of distinctive, salient, universally-recognized management principles that guarantee its quality to customers.


Abich Inc. Canada obtains from Health Canada the Cannabis Licence, in accordance with the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulation, to conduct the activities listed on the licence itself.

Abich Inc is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the statutory filing period applicable to U.S. FY 2021 pursuant to part 207 of Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

The GLP Certificate, provided by the Italian Ministry of Health, states that the Abich’s Assay Facility can carry out tests in line with the principles of the Good Laboratory Practices.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate was granted by the Intertek Testing Service NA Inc., for the efficacy and safety evaluation of cosmetics and sunscreens on human volunteers. Research and development related to cosmetics, consumer products and sunscreens formulation. Accomplishment of chemical, physical, microbiological analysis and in vitro safety assays.

Certificate issued by the French Ministry of Research: Abich is among the testing centres certified by the French Ministry of Research, under art. 244 B of the General Tax Code, as private research facilities.

Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate issued by the Canadian Department of Health: Abich. Inc. Canada is one of the testing centres which obtained the Good Manufacturing Practices certificate from Health Canada to perform microbiological testing on non-sterile pharmaceutical drugs.

The Bipea Certificate (Bureau Interprofessionel d’Etudes Analytiques) guarantees constant monitoring of the quality of results through the participation in interlaboratory circuits.

The EURL-ECVAM Certificate proves that Abich forms part of the EU-NETVAL European Community laboratory network for the validation of in-vitro methods as an alternative to animal testing.

The document issued by the Ministry of Higher Education of the French Government
which supervises education and research at university level, authorises Abich to carry out research and development (R&D) on behalf of enterprises.