Evaluation of hair restructuring efficacy

Regulatory reference: Guidelines to Commission Regulation (EU) No 655/2013
Claim: Anti-hair loss
Application field: Hair products and cosmetics products for scalp treatment.
Description of the test: In vivo test: performed on selected volunteers with specific trichological features (dry and damaged hair). Volunteers will apply the product according to pre-determined frequency and methods. 10 hairs from each subject will be gathered at T=0 and T= X days (duration to be defined with the customer). Dynamometric measurements will be performed in order to evaluate the increase in tensile strength of the hairs and their resistance to breakage. Subjective evaluations will be provided by volunteers using an open and multiple choices questionnaire to verify the perceived efficacy and other parameters such as effects on hair volume and agreeability.
In vitro test: standardized locks of human hair (several types are available according to preferences) will be treated with a damaging mixture in controlled conditions. Part of the locks will then undergo treatment with the product. Comparative imaging will be performed under tangent light to highlight improvement of hair brightness. 2 samples will be taken from each lock to evaluate improvement by phase contrast microscopy or SEM.
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