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Do you know how and why to evaluate the moisturizing power of the product?

The skin is the largest human organ and allows our body to have a barrier between the external and internal environment.

The key role of barrier is given by the stratum corneum which is the outermost part of the epidermis and allows to limit the excessive loss of water.

Maintaining correct skin hydration makes it possible to counteract both the mechanisms that induce skin pathologies that affect the correct physiology of this complex organ and the mechanisms that lead to skin aging with the appearance of unsightly factors (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, loss of brightness).

In this sense, aquaporins, a family of membrane channel proteins that allow the transport of water, glycerol and other solutes, play a key role.

Abich offers In vivo tests to evaluate the skin hydration level of personal care products, using skin hydration and skin barrier measuring instruments as well as in vitro tests by analyzing the expression of markers such as aquaporins, fillagrins, and involucrins in three-dimensional models reconstructed in vitro

Our highly specialized staff takes care of keeping the R&D phase always active to propose more and more ad hoc tests and optimize those already in place: Contact us to discover our range of tests and get an offer for your product!

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