Importance of Efficacy Testing According to the Type of Products

Efficacy Testing in cosmetic clinical research refers to the scientific evaluation of the effectiveness and performance of a product through controlled experiments. The goal of testing a product’s efficacy is…


Prove Your Hair Care Claims: Our Testing Solutions Are Here!

Our cutting-edge clinical studies aim to assess the effectiveness of anti-hair loss products thoroughly. These studies can be customized …



Effects of Sunscreen on Premature Skin Aging

The skin is the most exposed organ of the human body; it reflects our general health condition. As a person ages, their skin shows visible signs of aging, such as…


What are the different aspects to think about when making a sunscreen?

What are different aspects to think about when making a sunscreen? When formulating a sunscreen, one must think about …


Abich’s guide to sunscreen labels

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to decode a sunscreen label in order to choose the perfect product for you!

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